The Revenue per Day quality outcome of VITAS Healthcare, Dallas, TX, increased by 8%

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By: Minerva Panigrahi  Mar. 25, 2020

Dexur analyzed Medicare Claims data to bring out a comprehensive report on hospices located in Texas. The metric used for the evaluation was Revenue per Day, and the period taken into consideration was from Q3 2016 to Q3 2019. The information gathered in the study will enable healthcare professionals and patients to get a holistic understanding of market position and dynamics.

According to the analysis, in the third quarter of 2019, there were 54,212 hospice users in Texas out of a national total of 644,511 users. The revenue per day at the national level was $168, which was slightly higher than the state figure of $156. From Q3 2016 to Q3 2019, Vitas Healthcare Hospice of Dallas, Texas, consistently featured among the top revenue earning hospices in the state. The facility witnessed an 8% rise in its revenue generated per day, over the three years.

In Q3 2016, Vitas Healthcare had a user count of 708, with a per-day revenue of $185. The third quarter of 2019, however, saw a decent increase in the user volume, totaling 885 users, and the revenue per day valuing at $200. When compared to the figures of the previous year, with a user count of 744 and revenue earned per day of $199, a marginal rise can be observed. It is, hence, evident that the hospice made steady progress in its performance. Other hospices which generated a substantial revenue per day in the state are- Solaris Hospice, Hospice Plus, Vitas Healthcare of Texas LP (Fort Worth), and VITAS Healthcare of Texas (San Antonio). Their revenue per day, in Q3 2019, were valued at $147, $153, $189, and $159, respectively.

Vitas, a subsidiary of Chemed Corp. (NYSE: CHE), has been a leading name in end-of-life care providers since its establishment almost four decades ago. According to the company website, Vitas Healthcare operates in 48 hospice programs in 14 states and the District of Columbia, with over 12,500 professionals serving an average daily census of more than 19,000 patients. Along with providing home medical equipment and medication to patients, this pioneering hospice organization is dedicated to offering spiritual and emotional counseling to the patients and their kin.


Revenue per Day of Vitas Healthcare, Dallas, TX, for the following ICD codes, in Q3 2019-