Thomas Jefferson University Hospital’s Revenue per Patient was 17% Higher than Pennsylvania State’s Average for 2016

By: Emily Carpintero  Jan. 12, 2018

According to a recent analysis by Dexur using CMS administrative claims data from January through December 2016, Thomas Jefferson University Hospital located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania earned more revenue per patient compared to the state and national averages by 16.47% and 13.6%, respectively. Dexur analyzed total revenue, total discharges, and average revenue per patient. Average revenue per patient was then compared at the national, state, and individual hospital levels across all departments. Total revenue per patient is a key metric healthcare professionals utilize to measure patient care costs across the country; it can also be used to identify the needs of the patient population that a hospital serves. The graph below shows revenue per patient for six high volume categories for Thomas Jefferosn University Hospital, Pennsylvania and the nation.

Looking at the table below, the three divisions with the highest revenue per patient at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital were spine, colorectal, and cardiovascular; all three divisions earned more revenue per patient compared to the state and national averages. The spine discharges provided a higher revenue per patient compared to the state and national averages by 28.42% and 25.49%, respectively; the spine division earned significantly more revenue compared to the state and national benchmarks. The colorectal division earned more revenue compared to the state average by 12.74%, and more than the national average by 7.58%. Lastly, the cardiovascular discharges provided more revenue per patient compared to the state average by 22.88%, and the national average by 17.78%.

Thomas Jefferson University Hospital is the highest volume discharging hospital for Medicare inpatient in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, according to Dexur data. Being the main facility of the Jefferson Health System grants them access to a multitude of high-end equipment, as well as partnership with top physicians practicing in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Their higher than average revenue per patient may be reflective of the comprehensive care they are able to provide as a result of their high patient volume It was previously reported that Thomas Jefferson University Hospital admits far less inpatients via the emergency department compared to the state and national averages; this suggests that the patients' awareness of the hospital's specialty care may allow them to avoid emergent situations through preventative screenings and consistent care.

CategoryTotal Hospital RevenueTotal Hospital Medicare Inpatient DischargesHospital Revenue per PatientState Revenue per Patient National Revenue per Patient
All-Inpatient$208,624,06912,921 $22,418$18,726$19,370
Spine$23,154,266710 $33,901$24,266$25,261
Colorectal$3,653,434174 $21,877$19,089$20,218
Cardiovascular$27,367,4281,621 $20,168$15,554$16,583


  1. Medicare data regarding total revenue, total discharges, total unique patient discharges and revenue per patient for all categories at Thomas Jefferson University Medical Center, the state of Pennsylvania and the U.S.


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