Dr. Oladayo Sanusi of Harlingen, Texas Accounted for Twice as Many DRG-871 Discharges Than Any Other Texas Physician and the Second Most DRG-871 Discharges of Any Physician Nationwide

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By: Jeffrey Maser  Jan. 12, 2018

A recent Dexur analysis of CMS Medicare claims data shows that Dr. Oladayo A. Sanusi reported 109 DRG-871 (Septicemia Or Severe Sepsis Without Mv >96 Hours With Major Complication Or Comorbidity) discharges for Texas Medicare enrollees between October 2015 - September 2016, which accounted for over a quarter of a percent of all DRG-871 discharges from Texas enrollees. Dr. Sanusi practices with three different hospitals in Harlingen, Texas: Valley Baptist Medical Center - Harlingen, Harlingen Medical Center and Solara Hospital Harlingen. Dr. Sanusi’s DRG-871 discharges were more than double those of Dr. Juan B. Iribarren, the next highest volume Texas physician. Dr. Iribarren is affiliated with Baptist Hospitals Southeast Texas - Beaumont and reported 54 discharges to comprise 0.14% of the Texas market share for this specific diagnosis related group.

Physicians were included in the rankings if they accounted for 11 or more discharges at the DRG level during the analyzed time period; 3,051 physicians throughout the U.S. met this criteria for DRG-871, including 236 Texas physicians. Dr. Sanusi’s 119 DRG-871 discharges for Medicare enrollees of any state ranked second highest out of any physician for the DRG nationwide. The only U.S. physician to account for more discharges at the DRG level during the timeframe was Dr. Nhia Kash Vang, who reported 125 discharges. For total Septicemia or Severe Sepsis discharges (includes DRG-870, DRG-871 & DRG-872), Dr. Sanusi also ranked second nationally with 143 discharges.

What may be most impressive about Dr. Sanusi’s volume metrics is that he ranked quite highly for a variety of DRGs and specialty areas, both for Texas Medicare enrollees and for enrollees nationally. Within general medicine, Dr. Sanusi ranked 1st out of 1,130 eligible physicians for Texas Medicare enrollees and 15th out of 13,171 physicians nationally. Dr. Sanusi’s volume metrics are shown for a few different DRGs and specialty areas within the premium content section of this article.

Top 10 Physicians for DRG-871 Discharge Volume for Texas Medicare Enrollees between October 2015 - September 2016
Discharge Volume RankPhysician NamePracticing HospitalPracticing Hospital CityDischarge Volume% of Texas Medicare Enrollee Discharges
All Texas Physicians38,730 100.00%
1Oladayo A SanusiValley Baptist Medical Center - Harlingen / Harlingen Medical Center / Solara Hospital HarlingenHarlingen109 0.28%
2Juan B IribarrenBaptist Hospitals Southeast Texas - BeaumontBeaumont54 0.14%
3Elizabeth JuarezHarlingen Medical Center / Solara Hospital HarlingenHarlingen48 0.12%
4Lorenzo R PellySolara Hospital Harlingen / Valley Regional Medical CenterHarlingen / Brownsville39 0.10%
5Msonthi B LevineBaptist Hospitals Southeast Texas - BeaumontBeaumont37 0.10%
6Stanley P SySolara Hospital HarlingenHarlingen35 0.09%
7Guillaume BoiteauValley Regional Medical CenterBrownsville32 0.08%
8Barbara Y LeeChristus Mother Frances Hospital - TylerTyler31 0.08%
9Derek Dongwoo LeeProvidence Health CenterWaco30 0.08%
10Thayer IsmaaelBSA HospitalAmarillo29 0.07%


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