Dr. Mark Edwin Mckenzie was Nevada’s Only Physician to Discharge More than 100 GI Hemorrhage Medicare Inpatients

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By: Saparja Nag  Apr. 25, 2018

According to a recent analysis performed by Dexur, Dr. Mark Edwin Mckenzie of Valley Hospital Medical Center led Nevada physicians in gastrointestinal hemorrhage discharge volume with 103 discharges between January 2013 and December 2016. He was one of only five physicians in state to discharge more than 50 GI hemorrhage Medicare inpatients during the four year time period. Dr. Craig Steven Rau and Dr. Ricardo Ramirez Almaguer, both of Carson Tahoe Regional Medical Center, ranked 2nd with 85 discharges and 3rd with 67 discharges, respectively. Ranking 4th was Dr. Lamont Ellis who practiced primarily at Sunrise Hospital & Medical Center and discharged 55 Medicare inpatients with GI hemorrhages, followed by Dr. Murray M. Rosenberg with 53 discharges to rank 5th.

Physicians with more than 11 discharges between 2013 - 2016 were incorporated in the analysis, which included a total of 25 doctors. Discharge volumes were calculated using discharge totals for DRG-377 (Gastrointestinal Hemorrhage with Complication or Comorbidity), DRG-378 (Gastrointestinal Hemorrhage with Major Complication or Comorbidity), and DRG- 379 (Gastrointestinal Hemorrhage without Complication or Comorbidity/Major Complication or Comorbidity). DRG-378 made up over half of all GI hemorrhage discharges at both the state and national level, making it the most common GI hemorrhage diagnosis.

The top two physicians by GI hemorrhage discharge volume, Dr. Mckenzie and Dr. Rau were also the top physicians by DRG-378 discharge volume alone. Dr. Rau ranked first in this category with 66 discharges during the 2013 - 2016 time period, while Dr. Mckenzie ranked 2nd with 56 discharges. Dr. Rau also had the lowest average LOS for DRG-378 at just 2.9 days. Dr. Mckenzie tied with Dr. Matt Hai Pham for 2nd in this metric at 3.0 days.


  1. Top 25 Nevada physicians by GI hemorrhage discharge volumes between January 2013 and December 2016.


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