Five Cardiac Surgeons Affiliated with Methodist Hospital San Antonio Among Top in Texas, Nation

In Heart Failure

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By: James Pitt  Jan. 17, 2019

Dr. William C.L. Wu

Dr. William C.L. Wu performed more stent procedures on Medicare inpatients than any other doctor in Texas over a five year period from 2013 to 2017. This also placed him among the top 30 stent procedure surgeons in the entire United States over this period.

Dr. Wu has practiced interventional cardiology for over 35 years.

Stent procedures (and other vascular interventions) help reopen blood vessels that have been blocked or narrowed due to artery disease. Peripheral artery disease is a narrowing of blood vessels away from the heart, most often in the legs. This often starts with pain while walking, and in severe cases can lead to amputation. Dr. Wu has helped develop new techniques for restoring blood flow to salvage limbs in patients at risk of this devastating complication.

Case complexity of Stent Procedures patients treated by Dr. William C L Wu in United States

Dr. James Richard Garrison

Dr. James Richard Garrison is a cardiothoracic surgeon. He performed more coronary bypass surgeries than all but three other Texas surgeons, according to an analysis of 2013-2017 Medicare inpatient claims data. This places him in the top 50 coronary bypass surgeons nationally.

Dr. Garrison helped bring the TAVR procedure to Methodist Health in 2010. This procedure can prevent death in patients previously considered inoperable, and may quicken recovery time. Dr. Garrison continues to serve as Surgical Director on the Methodist TAVR program.

Dr. James A. Knight

Dr. James A. Knight is a cardiothoracic surgeon who has practiced in San Antonio since 1999. Before that, he was Chief of Cardiac Surgery at Texas Tech University Health Science Center, and deployed with a Mobile Army Surgical Hospital in the Persian Gulf.

Dr. Knight performed more coronary bypass surgeries on Maverick, Texas patients than any other doctor in an analysis of 2013-2017 Medicare inpatient claims data. This placed him in the top 10 coronary bypass surgeons in Texas, and top 100 in the United States.

Dr. David N. Pederson

Dr. David N. Pederson is a cardiac electrophysiologist, a specialist in heart rhythm disorders. From 2013-2017, he treated more Medicare inpatients for cardiac arrhythmia than any other physician in Kendall, TX. He placed in the top 10 cardiac arrhythmia doctors in Texas.

Dr. Pederson has practiced in San Antonio since 2002. He served in the military earlier in his career, performing both his internship and residency at Lackland Air Force Base. (Rhythm abnormalities are important in aviation medicine, as they may strike young and fit people and can incapacitate a pilot).

Dr. Pederson and his colleague Dr. James Richard Garrison are experienced in performing the cutting-edge Convergent Maze procedure, sometimes known as hybrid maze or hybrid ablation. Arrhythmia often involves electrical signals taking the wrong route through the heart. This procedure combines electrophysiology with conventional heart surgery to close those routes.

Dr. Gary J. Maszak

Dr. Gary J. Maszak has worked in San Antonio since 2006, and focuses on procedures that require cardiac catheterization. He performed his residency at the prestigious Cleveland Clinic.

Dr. Maszak is highly experienced at stent procedures. He ranks among in the top 10 physicians in Texas for number of stent procedures performed according to an analysis of 2013-2017 Medicare inpatient claims data.


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