LewisGale Medical Center and Inova Fairfax Hospital Discharged Over 200 Psychoses Medicare Inpatients in 2016

By: Saparja Nag  Jan. 12, 2018

According to a recent analysis conducted by Dexur on CMS Medicare claims, Virginia hospitals LewisGale Medical Center and Inova Fairfax Hospital both discharged more than 200 DRG-885: Psychoses Medicare inpatients during 2016. DRG-885 involves various forms of psychological disorders including schizophrenia, manic episodes, bipolar and depressive disorders. This analysis included U.S. hospitals with over 3,500 total Medicare inpatient discharges and at least 11 DRG-885 Medicare inpatient discharges per hospital; 21 Virginia hospitals qualified under this criteria. There were total 571 such hospitals in the nation.

LewisGale Medical Center discharged 262 psychoses patients during the time period of January to December 2016, nearly 50 more discharges than Inova Fairfax. LewisGale Medical Center provides Southwest Virginia with psychiatric services including inpatient and outpatient programs specifically for those over 55 so that Medicare patients receive personalized care. The hospital works with regional Community Service Boards to best serve local patients by understanding their specific mental health concerns.

Inova Fairfax Hospital physicians were able to account for 214 of the over 8,000 total psychoses discharges in the state of Virginia in 2016. Inova Fairfax Hospital is located to serve Northern Virginia in addition to the metro Washington D.C. community. In addition to an urgent assessment center for psychiatry and addiction (IPAC), they also have inpatient psychiatry and detoxification programs, and outpatient intensive and psychiatry services.

HospitalDRG-885 Discharges
LewisGale Medical Center262
Inova Fairfax Hospital214
University Hospital149


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