Dr. Francis S. Rotolo and Dr. James Joseph Zalucki Both Averaged 4.3 Day LOS for Major Large and Small Bowel Procedures, the Lowest in Maryland

By: Saparja Nag  Apr. 13, 2018

Dexur analysts studied Maryland physicians who performed major large and small bowel procedures between January 2013 and December 2016 and determined that two physicians, Dr. Francis S. Rotolo of Greater Baltimore Medical Center and Dr. James Joseph Zalucki of Howard County General Hospital tied for the lowest average LOS at 4.3 days. Dr. George Apostolides of Greater Baltimore Medical Center ranked 3rd in the state with an average LOS of 4.6 days. The 4th ranked Dr. Mari Madsen of Anne Arundel Medical Center rounded out the only four physicians in Maryland to average a LOS for major small and large bowel procedures under 5 days, averaging 4.9 days per case. Dr. Joseph Donovan Dirocco, also at Greater Baltimore Medical Center, averaged 5.2 days for major large and small bowel procedure LOS.

Physicians who accounted for at least 11 DRG-330 (Major Large and Small Bowel Procedures with Complication or Comorbidity) Medicare inpatient discharges at Maryland hospitals between January 2013 and December 2016 were included in this analysis. The average LOS metric calculates how many days a DRG-330 patient spends hospitalized during their index stay on average between 2013 and 2016. In this particular study, 20 Maryland colorectal surgeons met the criteria and were included. 12 of these physicians had an average LOS below the national average of 7.89 days, while 14 physicians total averaged lower than the state’s 8.15 day average. It is important to note that national and state average LOS are calculated using all physician data, regardless of their DRG-330 discharge volume.

The five physicians mentioned previously with the lowest average DRG-330 LOS in Maryland all mainly practiced at three hospitals. Dr. Rotolo, Dr. Apostolides, and Dr. Dirocco were affiliated with Greater Baltimore Medical Center in Baltimore. 2nd ranked Dr. Zalucki practiced at Howard County General Hospital, while Dr. Madsen performed the majority of her procedures at Anne Arundel Medical Center. The 7th ranked Dr. Proshan also was affiliated with Anne Arundel Medical Center. Dr. Dirocco was the highest discharging of the five, performing 50 DRG-330 procedures over four years and making him the 10th highest DRG-330 discharging physician in Maryland. Although Dr. Zalucki had the lowest DRG-330 discharge volume among this group of physicians, he also performed 45 DRG-331 (Major Large and Small Bowel Procedures without Complication or Comorbidity/Major Complication or Comorbidity) discharges during the same period ranking him 4th overall in DRG-331 discharge volume.


  1. Maryland physicians with at least 11 DRG-330 discharges with top associated hospital, discharge volume and average LOS


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