Dr. Alexander P Sah is a top-ranked physician with most experience for Hip & Knee Replacement in United States

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By: Sampath Kumar  Aug. 02, 2022

Dr. Alexander P Sah is a top-ranked Physician with most experience for Hip & Knee Replacement in United States according to Dexur’s analysis of Patient volumes. Research suggests that patient case volume and experience is positively correlated with better quality outcomes. Dexur is an approved purchaser of CMS claims data and a leading provider of data-driven rankings and research for healthcare. Dexur's data is trusted by healthcare leaders, media and top academic institutions such as Harvard. Our services are focused on providing actionable insights that help Care Providers and Healthcare Organizations improve their efficiency, drive value, reduce costs and increase patient satisfaction.

Orthopaedic surgeon Dr. Alexander P Sah serves the counties of Alameda, San Mateo, Santa Clara, and Santa Cruz in California. He graduated from the Thomas Jefferson U, Medical College in 2002, and he has been in practice for more than 20 years. Dr. Sah is currently affiliated with Sah Orthopaedic Associates.

Our rankings are formulated based on the analysis of patient volumes for all physicians for the condition. Physicians with less than 11 cases between Jan 2021 and Dec 2021 were not considered for the study. Dr. Sah treated 667 unique Hip & Knee Replacement patients, the second-highest for any Physician treating the condition in the nation, thus making him a top-ranked Physician based on experience in Dexur Rankings.

Dr. Alexander P Sah is one of the most experienced Orthopaedic surgeon in the nation based on number of unique patients treated and ranks top in Dexur Physician ranking categories including:

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