Dexur and Indiana Hospital Association Partner to Enhance Healthcare Quality in Indiana

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Dexur and the Indiana Hospital Association (IHA) have entered a partnership to improve the quality of healthcare services provided by Hospitals and health systems in Indiana. With Dexur's expertise in healthcare research and analytics and IHA's commitment to innovation and collaboration, the partnership aims to provide hospitals with predictions on CMS Programs (e.g. Star Rating, HRRP & VBP) 12 to 36 Months in advance, based on Dexur's statistical algorithms and Medicare claims data. The partnership will also facilitate in-depth analysis for Hospitals and networks to help improve quality outcomes, with IHA providing a platform for Dexur to connect with healthcare organizations across Indiana.

As healthcare continues to evolve rapidly, it is essential that hospitals have insights into actionable measures to improve future outcomes and incorporate them into their practices. However, keeping up with these changes can be challenging. Dexur and IHA recognize this challenge and have come together to offer a solution that will help hospitals make data-driven decisions to provide better healthcare.

As part of the partnership, Dexur provides Indiana hospitals with free sample reports that offer insights into CMS programs and quality measures, including predicting future quality outcomes and identifying improvement opportunities. The reports include:

  1. CMS Star Rating Prediction and Improvement Opportunity Report:

    1. Prediction of Hospital Star rating for the next year

    2. Overall group summary score and individual measure group score

    3. Hospital Readmission and Mortality group forecast, showing various metrics for each measure under the group and insights for other measure groups

    4. Identification of the focus areas, strengths & weaknesses

  2. Readmission & Mortality Prediction and Improvement Opportunity Report:

    1. Prediction of Readmission & Mortality rates for the next three years

    2. Forecast of HRRP Impact for FY 2025 & 2026

    3. Forecast of Readmission & Mortality for all 6 measures (AMI, COPD, CABG, Heart failure, Pneumonia, TKA/THA)

    4. Fiscal year-wise readmission & mortality trends for all measures

    5. Measure level Readmission & Mortality Reduction Scenarios

    6. Real-World Evidence (RWE) based risk factors and the best practices, including tests, drugs, devices and care management, to overcome them

  3. Value-Based Purchasing (VBP) & Medicare Spending Per Beneficiary (MSPB) Prediction and Improvement Opportunity Report:

    1. Forecast of Hospital VBP Impact

    2. Prediction of all four domain scores

    3. Prediction of performance of all measures under the domain

    4. MSPB Trend and evaluation of MSPB components

    5. Scenarios to reduce MSPB

  4. Additional Reports and analytics that can be covered based on Hospital requests include:

    1. HCAHPS and Patient Experience analytics

    2. HACRP and Safety benchmark analytics

    3. Risk adjustment and medical coding impact on measure scores

CMS Quality and value programs such as Star Ratings, HRRP & VBP are extremely complex to navigate with delayed data and complex algorithms and need specialized human expertise to understand all the measures. Dexur has a combination of data access, statistical expertise and software advantage to enhance the quality of healthcare services in Hospitals. Through the partnership, Dexur aims to connect hospitals with the necessary resources to improve their care quality, resulting in better patient outcomes.

Dexur leverages its software and statistical expertise with healthcare providers to achieve the shared mission of enhancing patient care. Through a collaborative approach, Dexur can help hospital associations achieve their shared mission of improving patient care and making a meaningful impact on the healthcare industry.