Southern California Hospitals to Reap Benefits in Quality Excellence from HASC-Dexur Partnership

Get Dexur’s Personalized Hospital Specific Presentation on Quality, Safety, Compliance & Education

Hospital Association of Southern California (HASC) and Dexur have recently come together in a promising partnership aimed at amplifying healthcare quality excellence. Dexur, bring an innovative data, software, and artificial intelligence (AI) platform, focusing on Healthcare quality excellence. With solutions leveraging data directly from CMS Medicare, advanced algorithms, and cutting-edge AI-driven technology, Dexur has been instrumental in aiding hospitals and healthcare organizations to enhance their performance metrics and quality outcomes.

Enhanced Offerings for HASC Members

This collaboration brings forth a plethora of benefits to HASC members. They will gain complimentary access to Dexur’s AI Advisor’s free version, a glimpse into Dexur’s comprehensive suite of services. The free version generates a limited yet high-value set of AI insights derived from available Medicare claims data, sparing members the need to provide additional data. The full solution offering for HASC members is given below: