BioFire’s Pneumonia Panel Early Detection of Pathogens May Lead to Reduced Length of Stay and Associated Costs

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By: Avinash Kumar  Jul. 11, 2019

Pneumonia is one of the leading causes of infection-related deaths in the United States, which also leads to other severe complications such as Respiratory failure and Sepsis. According to BioFire, “Pneumonia is one of the most common reasons patients go to the hospital, yet the underlying cause of the infection is frequently not identified. This leads to over-treatment of the patient and overuse of antibiotics, contributing to the longer hospital stays and higher costs, as well as to the development of antimicrobial resistance."

Dexur analyzed Jan 2018 to Dec 2018 Medicare claims data to find out the average length of stay of Pneumonia caused by Viral and Bacterial species for different hospitals across the United States. This analysis was done by considering diagnoses related to Viral and Bacterial species causing Pneumonia as the primary diagnosis.

The Avg.LOS of Pneumonia DRG group with Viral and Bacterial species is 4.34 days for the United States. Within the Pneumonia DRG group, DRG 193 (SIMPLE PNEUMONIA & PLEURISY W MCC) had the highest discharges and also the highest Avg. LOS of 5.10 days. DRG 195 (SIMPLE PNEUMONIA & PLEURISY W/O CC/MCC) had the lowest Avg.LOS with 3.03 days and DRG 194 (SIMPLE PNEUMONIA & PLEURISY W CC) had 3.75 days as Avg.LOS.

Below is a list of selected hospitals and the average length of stay with Viral and Bacterial Pneumonia.

Hospital NameCityPneumonia DRG Group with Viral and Bacterial Pneumonia - Avg.LOSDRG 193 with Viral and Bacterial Pneumonia - Avg.LOS
Memorial Hermann Greater Heights HospitalHouston4.164.78
Memorial Mission Hospital And Asheville SurgeryAsheville4.264.63
Florida Hospital OrlandoOrlando4.505.55
Christiana HospitalWilmington4.965.90
Willis-Knighton Medical CenterShreveport5.345.89

For DRG 193 with Viral and Bacterial Pneumonia, Memorial Mission Hospital of Asheville had Avg.LOS of 4.63 days and Memorial Hermann Greater Heights Hospital, Houston had Avg.LOS of 4.78 days, which is lower than the United States average of 5.10 days. Florida Hospital Orlando of Orlando, Willis-Knighton Medical Center of Shreveport and Christiana Hospital of Wilmington had Avg.LOS of 5.55 days, 5.89 days and 5.90 days respectively, which is higher than the United States average.

Due to difficulty in identifying the pathogens responsible for the symptoms, often the Pneumonia patients are over-treated with antibiotics. The BioFire Pneumonia Panel delivers fast, accurate pathogen identification in about one hour, which allows physicians to put patients on appropriate therapy quicker, reducing the length of stay, costs and with less usage of antibiotics.

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