Share Your 2026 CMS Star Rating Improvement Plan and Compare It With Dexur's AI Simulations To See If You Are On The Right Track

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Since the 2024 CMS Star Rating Preview reports are already out and the 2025 CMS Star Rating performance period for all measures is over, hospitals now need to focus on the 2026 CMS Star Rating. Dexur had a 98% accuracy rate in predicting 2023 CMS Star Ratings, and early indications based on our customer feedback suggest we are likely to achieve a similar accuracy rate for 2024.

How Do You Plan To Improve for 2026 CMS Star Rating?

Making improvement plans for 2026 CMS Star Ratings is not easy since the logic and number of combinations can run into hundreds of millions of combinations. Most Hospitals guess and use manual approaches. Dexur uses AI-driven simulations to model to improve.

Take this short survey and tell us how you plan to improve your 2026 CMS Star Ratings. Our team will compare this to our AI Models and let you know if your plan is the optimal path to improve your 2026 CMS Star Ratings.


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